I-1551 Stamping

United States

As I got my approval/551 stamp this week, I thought it would be best to share some experience to help others; This may be applicable in Texas and
Atlanta, so read with caution and use accordingly.

Texas SC
485 rcpt date 2/2002
FP done 4/2003
Approved 5/2004

My online status never changed, except when approved (No change during FP etc). This may help some who are worried like me when online status never changed.

During 551 stamping with approval notice (Not interview case), you just need valid passport, two pictures, I-94, EAD and original approval notice.
They may also ask for AP, if you have one. Just 10 minutes process and no hassles.
Just remember, they may take all documents if you show them what you have, so give only when they ask for one. Also, when going with family, they may separate all for quicker stamping at various counters, so make sure your family knows what those documents are. Keep one approval notice with you (you should have two - one from attorney), just in case 551 stamp is seen as doubtful case during travel the accompanying approval notice helps, else not necessary, just stamp is enough to travela nd work.
Hope this helps.

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