I-485 Interview

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United States

First of all, thank you very much Rajiv for all your advise during this greencard journey, especially during this last 2 weeks. Every time we have relied on your advice blindly.

Now to tell you the story, I had received my greencard stamping last month without RFE or anything else. My wife received interview notice due to minor misdemeanor on her record for price alteration. As per your advice, we went to interview without attorney but felt very nervous and tensed during last 2-3 days as we were going on our own and thinking in our heart that the decision to go without an attorney should not turn out to be mistake for few hundred dollars.

But, again your advice prevailed. Interview went well as you had suggested. Couple of question about minor misdemeanor was asked such as where it happened, when it happened or any other charges. Other questions were asked to my wife too, such as was she always legal, did she work, what status she is in, etc.. At the end of 45 minute interview process, interviewer said that we have decided to grant you the permanent residence status today and stamped her passport. it would be difficult to measure our happiness in words, but in short we were extremely happy.

So, this is how almost 5 year long journey ended happily. Once again thanking you for your advice. I have been trying to help others, who are in the similar situation. I have already answered couple of people through an e-mail. I have been communicating with couple of people through private message on your website.

Let me know if I can be of any more help to others by any other means.

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