iEAD Experiance

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United States

5:15 AM Reached at 970 Broad Street(Found 12-15 people there already)
7:35 They let us in and gave a slip. Slip was basically asking to go to 2nd floor Romm # 200.
7:40 Reached 2nd floor Room # 200.
Was asked to be in a line by the wall (there were 2 lines, Line by the wall was for EAD only)

8:00 Called me at the window. Asked for DL,I-765 receipt 90+ days pending, Passport. My lawyer had prepared a set for me that had I140,I485,I765, Copies of photos, A fresh new application for I765. Copy of old I765 application. G-28 form. This prepration really helped. All other people in fornt of me were asked to fill application and then come back.

8:10 Was sent to floor 13 room # 1300 with a set of papers to be given there.
8:15 Gave papers at window for EAD and was asked to wait.


10:45 Was called told at window that application is approved for 8 months and was asked to goto room # 1304

11:05 In room # 1304, was called to take the picture. They took picture there.

11:13 iEAD was given.

No questions asked, pretty good experiance except the wait.

Parking is behind the building on mulberry street. $8.95 Max.
If you pass 970 broad st on your right

Take right on green street from Broad street (left if coming from opposite direction, bottomline reach behind the building)

Take right on mulberry street and park on second parking lot on left. Nobody will be there on lot until 6AM so just park and goto office. Pay when you come back.

Do not kill yourself by going before 5.00AM, Line started building up only after 5:30.

Sorry for writing long story but some people might need it.

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