N-400 Timeline, 3 year rule (marriage based application)

United States

Here is my journey thus far:

GC holder since March 21, 2008 (married to U.S. citizen since 1997)

6/11/12: N-400 sent via UPS to Lewisville, TX
6/12/12: N-400 delivered
6/13/12: NOA received (Priority Date: 06/12/12)
7/18/12: FP notice recd
8/09/12: FP scheduled - Done
9/04/12: In line for Interview scheduling
10/12/12: NOA received, Interview scheduled
14/01/13: Interview Done, N-14 "Request for evidence" given to me
22/03/13: Second interview. Info submitted. Was told file approved by IO, then was told by IO not approved by Supervisor
X/XX/13: Oath scheduling que
X/XX/13: Oath Letter received
X/XX/13: Oath Ceremony
X/XX/13: Applied for Passport
X/XX/13: Received Passport

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