Interim EAD experience at Newark

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United States

Interim EAD experience at Newark NJ. Date : 5/28/2004 EAD renewal applied on 28th January 2004 but no approval for 4 months so interim was the only way out.
Stood in line (with wife and kid)
: 6:30 AM Entered building
: around 9:00 am Was the 14th InterimEAD applicant since morning. I saw numbers go up to 35. Both wife and me got EAD valid for 8 months at
: 1:30 PM They took more time because they "couldnt locate my records in the computer". Go figure ! Asked for copies of I-485 reciept which i was carrying. Coincidentally i had a 2:00 pm 2nd fingerprinting appointment at the Commerce street office on the same day which i was able to make in time. Process was smooth but slow. Guards outside were pretty rude and unhelpful. People inside at the counters were all polite and helpful. Take umbrellas, stuff to eat, keep bladders empty, keep track of who is in front of you in line and who is behind. Pack lots of patience and leave the kid(s) with a sitter if possible. Now we gotta get our driver licenses renewed... another day another queue.

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