Interview experience

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United States


I had my Interview yesterday in Northern Virginia. The appointment was at 1:00 PM, we arrived at abt 12:30. We were called in at our scheduled time. The officer was cordial. He asked the usual questions, like if I have ever been arrested etc..., He went through the affidavit of support, had questions for my husband regarding his employment letter, checked our passports, asked us both questions about each other, i.e our In-Laws Names, How we met, when we got married, how many guests, What cars we own, date of births, my employer details etc...
He took copies of our 2005 tax returns... we filed seperate returns, and he asked us why we would do that.
He asked for the Joint documents proof, took the entire set of copies that I had made for joint accounts which include utility bills, home title, insurance cards etc.
He went through the photos that I had brought with me. I just took about 15 pics with me, He joked abt how people bombard him with photo slideshows etc etc... then he went out for a few mins...and came back and handed me my passport with the I-551 stamp!!!! and congratulated me...
The whole thing lasted about 40 minutes.

So, finally...its done. I was told that I would get the actual green card in the mail in a few weeks.

I'd like to thank everyone in this forum...its been so helpful to me... and
Ari4u, special thanks to you! Good Luck everyone....