Interview Experience in Miami, approved!!

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United States

First of all, I want to thank all of you guys. This forum has been really helpful in understanding and providing information on the interview procedures and papers to take and everything. Thanks ari4u, especially. You are a keystone in this forum!!

the interview went smooth and fast, it lasted only about 20 minutes. The interviewer was a very kind gentleman. He first asked for our DLs in the corridor before getting to the interview room and took copies of them right there (i had copies, though). He led as to the room, he swore us in as soon as we were in there. Immediately, he proceeded to verify our names and address. He asked me all the questions on form I-485 about being involved in communist party, terrorism, and so on. I answered them (no, no, no...)
After that, by checking my files, he asked me if this was my first marriage (yes), if I had any children (no) and if my phone number on records was ok. Then she asked my wife (USC) the same questions.
He asked us for the originals of our birth certificates and marriage license. We showed them to him and he checked these originals with the copies he had in our files on record (we had submitted copies last year). He gave the originals back to us. He looked again at the files... I could see all the paperwork we submitted last year was there.
Then he asked for the 2005 taxes (we had filed jointly). As my wife had signed my affidavit of support, the officer asked us for her employer letter and her tax returns of 2004 and 2003.
He asked us if we were living in our own house or were in a lease. We had a lease, and gave him a copy.
He asked if we had any joint account. We gave him our checking and savings statements (we had several from all the year round).
He asked us also if we had health insurance. We gave him the copies of our health insurance cards (which we've got through my wife's job).
He asked us if we had a car or car insurance in both of our names. We don't have such things. my wife explained why. The officer said it was ok.
And that was it. there was no other questions about our relationship. Nothing... We were waiting for him to ask things. But nothing. He didn't even ask for bills or photos (we had taken our wedding album, and a bunch of other pictures)
Then, he stamped the approval on the files and told us I would receive a letter of approval in a week or two, and my green card in 4-6 weeks.
He was very polite. He also told us he was very happy to see we had all the documents and copies he asked for. He told us most people go to the interview with less than half of what they are required to bring. We had prepared two folders: 1 for originals and the other for copies. The folders were indexed and the documents well organized.
So, a piece of advice: take all your papers/documents properly organized. The officers will thank you for that.
They want to go fast. They want to approve. I heard they get mad when they are busy, and people don't seem to help with the paperwork they are supposed to bring already properly prepared from home.
Again: do your homework and your interview will be a pleasant meeting, just as ours was.
Finally we said bye, he went with us to the corridor and showed us the way out to the elevator.
We are soo happy...
Thank you all guys. This forum is so supportive!!
Time to celebrate now!