Interview in Los Angeles

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United States

We had our interview today in Los Angeles at 10:35 am. Up to now, I'm still a bit confused and worried whether or not my Green Card has been approved. The officer simply told us that he has to wait for a background check (without looking into his computer) before he can make his final decision. He says it usually takes 30 days. He also didn't discuss anything about conditional status. However, there was no sign of doubt on his side when we presented our evidences. In fact, my husband and I felt that the interview went well.

Here is a list of questions thrown to us after swearing in to say the truth.

Question to my husband: How did you meet?
Question to my husband: When did you get married?
Question to me: State your full name. State your birthday, your mother's and father's names. When did you first enter the US. Then he asked for my passport and inquired about my previous visas (f1 then H1).
Question to us: He asked us how old we were.
Question to me: Then he asked me when I first entered the US. Where I first entered.
Then he asked for both our birth certificates and scrutinized it thoroughly. He then asked for our marriage certificate.
Question to us: He asked if we both work, where and how long. Then he requested for employment certificates. Then he went on to request for joint documents and he checked them rather quickly. I also handed him our photos and he kept pointing on people and asking my husband who they were.

He left us for about 5 minutes in the room to copy my passport.

The interview questions were very straightforward and I think we were ready for more challenging ones. But the bad part of it all though is that I expected to get a stamp on my passport and also a paper where we need to sign for conditional status....none of that happened. So please email me if you've got any similar experiences. I'm worried and kind of frustrated of not knowing where I stand at this time.