Interview Today and Approved

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United States

We had our interview today and our case was APPROVED! It was fairly easy and straight forward interview.

We checked in at 8:45 AM for our 9:15 AM appointment. We were called in couple of minutes before 9:15 AM, pretty good!

Interviewer was a man in his late 40s or early 50s. He took us to his office and did the oath. Then he asked both of us for our IDs. He opened our file and started asking me questions about my info on I-485 form that I submitted with my application. Pretty much validating if I remember the info I entered like my residential address, home phone number, company I work for, date of birth and visa status etc. Then he did the usual NO questions.

Then he turned over to I-130 form and asked me about my wife's date of birth. And asked my wife if she still works for the state.

That's it and he then asked me if we have any proof(s) to show co-mingling of our financial resources our joint insurance etc. With that I opened my big folder and handed over my checklist to him and told him let me know what you want from this list . He started looking at the checklist. While he was still looking at the checklist, I started handing him all the proof's that I had with me (bank statements, health insurance, trust papers, auto insurance, phone & credit card bills etc.). Looking at that he said you are very well prepared and smiled!

I also gave him our wedding pictures. He went through our wedding pictures and asked if both parents attended the wedding, which he could tell from the pictures that they did. While looking at pictures he also asked us how we met.

Then he said everything looks great and I am going to approve your case. he said do you have any questions for me. I said is my name/ background check cleared. He giggled and said "you are concerned about that huh" ...he said yes it is cleared and now a days it's not that big of deal like earlier. He then told us that we will get our card in 2 weeks.

He then asked for my I-94, EAD card & AP papers. While I was handing them over; he asked me if I need the stamp on my passport? I was surprised and said sure why not. He said he will be right back with the stamp, he left the office and came back with the I-551 stamp and gave a 1 year conditional GC stamp on my passport. He then explained how he can use this to travel & employment purposes, which I already knew . :)

He then asked, Do I I know what I have to do before the 2 year conditional GC expires...I said yes to file I-751. He said okay then, Congratulations on becoming permanent residence.

The whole thing lasted under 8 minutes and we were out of the USCIS building by 9:25 AM.

Good luck to October filers on your upcoming interviews!