Made an appointment with Tampa USCIS

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United States

I applied for an EAD in April 2004 along with an I-485 etc. The EAD was applied for through e-file.

I heard nothing for 90 days, then made an appointment with Tampa USCIS.

I arrived and was told that as I e-filed the EAD application before I received my I-485 notice of action (but after I sent the I-485 pack) that my EAD COULD be denied. I was told that they couldn't issue an interim EAD and that I'd need to apply again. She then laughed at me and I was asked to leave for no reason.

After this, I contacted an immigration attorney. I was advised me that as a decision has not been made on the I-765, they cannot deny me an Interim EAD based on an assumption that the I-765 will be denied. I was also told that denying me an interim EAD for this reason is "illegal" and that they would gladly go with me to demand the interim EAD. I was also advised to inform my local member of Congress of what was said and done, which I have.

All in all, a bad place. I wish I could file somewhere else. 

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