My daughter and I applied for our second EAD

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United States

My daughter and I applied for our second EAD (family based applications), we received a Notice of Action to go and have our Biometrics done. We made an appointment and had it done. My daughter received her EAD one week and a day later. I never received mine. I call the CIS service center on many occasions for anwsers, they told me after ninty days I could make an appointment and get an Interim EAD. I made a infopass to Orlando,Fl. I went to my appointment I found the officer to be very unpleasant,he ask me fill out the Interim form and told me I would have to come back in two weeks. Two weeks ago I went for my appointment only to be turned away because they said their computers got damage in the Hurricane and gave me another appointment in two more weeks. I sure hope I have better luck with getting my Interim this time.

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