My EAD was pending for more than 94 days.. so, I went today to the Newark USCIS office

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United States

Sequence of events :

1. Stood in line at 7 AM.
2. Let into Room 200 at 9 AM. (Separate Line for interim EAD applicants).
3. Was sent to Room 1300 at 9:15 AM, after a cursory check of documentation.
4. Was called to a window at 12:40 PM.
5. Tough lady at the counter asked a lot of arbitrary questions (why did I
not have my old expired passports with me? etc.), and then approved my
6. Went to Room 1304 - sat for about 20 mins.. they called my name, got my
picture taken, signed the EAD document - got the card valid for 8 months after 15 mins.

Documents I took with me -

1. Original I 765 recpt.
2. Original I 485 recpt.
3. Photocopy of I 140 approval.
4. Last two EADs (original) - the 'Tough Lady' at the counter kept them.

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