My experience in columbus, ohio

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United States

My timeline:

eb3, priority date June 2002

RFE on 485 for self March 2005, spouse a couple of weeks later.

Replied to RFE beginning of May. Received notice on June 8 that our case was transferred to Cincinnati, Ohio

Made infopass appointment to visit Columbus and was told that Cincinnati was the office that received files from the service center and that Cincinnati would forward the files to Columbus.

Received fingerprint notice (not biometrics) for self and wife sometime end of June to give fingerprints beginning of July (fingerprints expired for self beginning of July and spouse September 2005).

Beginning of August received interview notice for September 23.

Interivew notice had a bunch of pre-defined fields of information that was required. No box was checked. Interview notice also stated it would be videotaped.

Arrived at 11:30 for 11:30 interview. Over the last couple of years, I've gotten to know the Security guys in Columbus and talked to them while we waited for interviewer.

Security guys informed me that Columbus office was under new management. New boss was from Kentucky. She was a real hard A--.
Doesn't believe in backlogs, trying to clear all old cases. No more same day approvals and the office has gotten easier with approvals.

Was called in for interview some time after 12:00. Young white american lady called us in. We went to her office (pretty nice office), before we sat down she swore us in.

After swearing in, she told us that she had gone through our files and that all documents were there. She only needed an updated employment verification letter (note: this was asked for in my initial RFE).

Asked wife and self, whether we had been arrested, involved in terrorism, current address (she asked me where it was in Columbus; seemed like the address wasn't familiar to her). Asked if we had ever left the country without advance parole. She didn't look at the job letter, she just asked me if it was same/similar job.

Asked for our right index fingerprint. Did not take picture.

She then informed me that visa's were unavailable (i'm in eb3) and that they will be available in October (i informed her that they wouldn't be since eb3 worldwide category was going to be March 2001). She made the comment that she hadn't had her coffee yet (i think it was to deflect my question as she wasn't upto speed on the visa dates).

She told me that I would receive a favorable decision in the mail.

I asked her why my file was transferred to the local office. She told me she thought it was because I had changed jobs.

That was it, we walked out. Whole process didn't take more then five minutes.

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