My interim EAD experience

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United States


I want to share my interim EAD experience. I went to the local office on July 6 in Arlington,VA.

Well, I arrived at INS @ 7:15AM. There were like 250 to 300 people before me. By the time I got my EAD card it was 4:30PM. There is only one person that was helping issues related to work permits. Part of the reason for the delay was they closed early on july 2.

Anyways, be prepared to take day off (for those who are already occupied during the day) when you plan to go for your interim EAD.

Documents required:
1)EAD receipt notice document
2)I765 form
3)cancelled check or money order
4)copy of I485 receipt notice document
5)Valid ID.

Good Luck.

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