Nearly everything about interim work permits are anecdotal

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Nearly everything about interim work permits are anecdotal, and even the information is vague, but I took my chances yesterday, November 17, 2003, and found out that it is true that one can have same-day processing for I-765 applications which have passed the 90 day waiting time---at least those which have been sent to California service center. The Santa Ana office is a sub office, and it just proved that sub offices here in California are just as good as district offices when filing for interim work permits(but again this pertains to those I-765 applications sent to California service center; applications filed at district offices can only be processed in the district offices, I think).

Got there at 11:30 PM the night before my 91st day, and one of the security guards approached us(only 4 of us 'early birds' there), and advised us to go home and come back at around 4 am if we wanted our interim work permits taken cared of quickly. Since we were stuck and the need to get the interim work permit precluded leaving-- we stayed. The guard was right, as the line lengthened only at around 4 AM. Walk-ins are served only after those with letter of appointments are expedited. Thus, although we were there first, those with appointment letters got out first with their EAD's. Moreover, one can not assume 'first in and first out' because it depends on the background checks for the applicant. I think those who came in for renewals got out first, and since I was a first-time applicant, I got mine, valid for 8 months, later in the morning--before noon at least.. No need to bring pictures, it will be done there for free if the pending I-765 has been paid for. Bring your original receipt notice for the I-765, as well as valid identification, usually passport. And if you who just filed for adjustment of status, you will definitely need your I-94 and passport. Also have an I-765 application form filled up, and bring additional blank copies just in case corrections have to be made. Oh yes, bring your right index finger... One last thing, nearly all, if not everybody of the staff and security were well-mannered. I noticed tempers flared only when language barriers have to be overcome---because of the great number of non-english-speaking Hispanics and Chinese who couldn't understand instructions... Some of the staff is resigned to raising their voices to be understood... But none of the staff was out rightly hostile or prone to nit-picking, as many first-time applicants might expect. They were very forgiving, actually. Btw, bring lip balm, jackets and leg-warmers; you can even set up a small tent-- as long as you don't make a bonfire...

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