Newark office Experience

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United States

1. Got in line at 4:15AM. 8 people in front of me.
2. At 7:30AM, they started taking folks with appointments.
3. At 8:00AM, they started taking walk-ins.
4. After security check, sent to the 3rd floor.
5. Told that computers for the ticket system are down, only I90 applicants can be processed.
6. Started giving out numbers manually. Mine was E0002. I176 receipt was taken.
7. Was sent to the EAD section across the big room.
8. Asked to fill I765 application. I brought one from home.
9. After some chaos, computers came back up at 8:45AM.
10. Was called at the window at 9:15AM.
11. Checked the passport and said that I am approved and will get an EAD valid for 8 months. In the meantime, if Vermont approves than I will get a new one for one year. I asked the officer if he can find why Vermont has not approved. Officer replied that RFE was sent in May of 2004. I said that neither I nor my attorney has received any such notice. Nor does the online system reflect that a RFE was sent. Officer responded that online system is not very accurate. Great.
12. Picture and FP taken at 9:40AM
13. Left office at 9:45AM. Not a bad experience.

Note: The very next day ( on Monday as I went to Newark on Friday), I received an email regarding my I765 application, what a coincidence. The online system was updated and it said that an RFE was sent. After 4 days, my attorney received the RFE. Apparently, I need to submit two new photos because according to the notice "your photos do not meet quality standards because your right ear is not clearly visible and you have a shadow around your head." I must also submit a clear copy of my passport(s) and make sure all stamps are clearly visible on each page. I may also provide any other documentation such as a copy of my driver's license, or any other photo identification. This information is due before 9/13/2004.

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