Pending N400 for Over One Year or More

United States
Please see my details below:

  • Priority Date: March, 2016 > Biometrics: Completed, 2016
  • Interview Scheduled: May, 2017 > Interview Descheduled: I showed up for my interview, checked-in, got the assigned number, only to be told that my interview is Descheduled.
  • Interview Scheduled (2nd notice): Jan, 2017 > Interview Completed: Jan, 2017
  • In-line for Oath: Feb, 2017 > Oath Ceremony Scheduled: March, 2017 (Completed)

Few other details:

  • In-addition to multiple calls to 1800, Infopass appointments, contacted Senator, Congressman and Ombudsman office. Nothing helped and ombudsman was the most disappointing.
  • I had also filed FOIA as I was planning to prepare my documents. I guess we all learn from our mistakes and was informed during one the infopass appointment about filing FOIA during pending N400 delays your processing since they will send your file for processing. Your field office does not have your file during this time and cannot schedule your interview until they receive it.
  • Besides, on average N400 is taking longer than 12-months on average based on what I have seen or read. You will see few applicants with faster processing but on the whole due to backlogs, things are getting pushed back.
  • Furthermore, this is my 2nd N400 application. My 1st application was denied because it was filed 28 early (caused by some confusion) and my timeline during 1st application was very similar to this. Biometrics were done right away > Interview schedule after 3 months > Descheduled > Scheduled again > denied due to early filing. Btw, it also took 2 years for the second interview to be scheduled.

Hope sharing my experience will help you or anyone else in similar situation. I encourage you to wait a little longer and hopefully you will hear the good news. I know it’s painful process but stay optimistic ☺ Good luck!



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