Please Support the Dream Act

United States

This is about my sister.she was born in mexico, and when she was about 4 our parents decided that they wanted a better life for their children that they would have. they could not leave her their, so she had to come here. it took her a while to learn english but by the time she graduated kindergarden she was perfect. from then on she was succesful in school. she was a great student. she graduated on the top 15% of her class. the thing is she wanted to go to college and study business administration. because she is an immigrant she could not get any scholarships or financial aid. i think that it is not fair. isn't she a person too. oh so because she isn't from the U.S she can't get money to study. she is like any other person. she studied. now she only has a highschool diploma. and with that she can't do many things. is that fair? i don't think so. people are people, we should all get a chance to go to college, and scholarships. she signed up for about 15 different colleges and didn't get accepted to any. just because she didn't have papers. now what, she isn't successful. she wanted to do something good in her life and her chances were taken away just because she was illegal. it isn't her fault she didn't ask my parents to bring her. all she wanted was a good life. please support the Dream ACt. Every one needs education no matter what.

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