Asylum Interview

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Well, for my it was a long time ago, but normally the IO will ask you for your ID, passport. IO will have on his/her desk all the package that you sent before; at this time you are allow to add any information that you consider might be relevant on your case. Then after this part is done IO starts asking you questions about your case, like dates, names , cities, organizations, etc....most of lawyers advise to answer only what they are asking, not to use many words...................just go to the point. Also of course go well dressed and bring all the papers that you think might need. In my case i did not use a lawyer but interpeter to help me out with some important questions and answers, i did prepare my case by mysefl with all the information gattered from internet and friends; but if you are able my advice is to hire a lawyer to go for sure. At the time we finished the interview (30 minutes) she told us that "our response will be mailed as soonest she goes over the results and get reviewed also by the asylum office director" that took for my only 2 months.
I hope this info helps a bit.
Just remember that even if you have a strong case, at this moment those interviews are far more strict than 4 years ago, get well prepare, study all the dates and critical information in your initial application, try to be calm and go for it!
You should be o.k.

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