Received asylum GC from TSC

United States

Just received my green card based on asylum approved more than 1yr ago.

See below for my timeline. Feel free to ask me anything. Always happy to help out members of this forum.


# My timeline

- In status, H1B VISA approved in May 2014

- 06/19/2014 - Filed I-589 (Application for Asylum) in Jersey City, NJ

- 06/24/2014 - Received fingerprint notice

- 07/03/2014 - Fingerprint recorded at the USCIS Application Support Center in Elizabeth, NJ

- 07/09/2014 - Received interview notice

- 07/30/2014 - Interviewed at the Newark Asylum Office, NJ

- 11/26/2014 - Received asylum approval

- 12/01/2014 - File I-131 for refugee travel document

- 05/04/2015 - Received refugee travel document in the mail

- 01/05/2016 - Filed I-485 for Adjustment of Status

- 01/11/2016 - Received I-485 receipt number in email/text

- 04/11/2016 - Received second refugee travel document (applied in Feb 2016)

-05/19/2016 - Received I-485 approval notice

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