Received my Approval letter !!!!

United States

Hi everyone I have finally been granted asylum. I filed my case in November of 2014. A lot of people said it will be difficult for me to be granted because I have been travelling in and out of the US for a long time. I have been in and out for a total of six times before filling for asylum. 
Finally in August of this year I had my interview in Newark. I didn't believe I will be granted because my AO was not friendly at all. I felt she was asking really difficult question especially relating to my travels. A times when I'm talking she just shakes her head but I wasn't nervous I tried as much to explain what happened to me even when he didn't ask. After she took all my documents and asked me to bring in additional documents and the decision will be mailed . My lawyer wasn't confident about my chances. I wasnt even confident about my chances. My cousin and I filed at the same time so we had our interviews around the same time. My lawyer represented both of us. She had her interview few days after me. And she apparently had a good AO and my lawyer was more confident about her chances and told her my AO wasn't nice at all. She was eventually referred to the IJ. So it dosent matter if AO is nice to you or not just make sure they hear about your experience. Tell them as much as you can. Good luck to everyone going for interviews may God make it easy for everyone.

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