Asylee N-400 Interview

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KIKI 2010
United States
I was asked if I went back to COP and I said yes, (I only went once for two weks to visit ill family member) IO said nothing negative, just moved on with the interview process.
I know some people who were granted Asylum and went back to COP and now they're US citizens. Don't worry be very positive IO are humans too and understand that some times you have to take a risk to see a family member who is ill. Wish you best of good look, take care.
Asylum granted 2000
PR since: 07/03/2005   (Boston DO RE- N-400)
N-400 sent: 04/03/2010
N-400 Received in TX: 04/07/2010
N-400 Check Cashed:04/14/2010
797C-NOA Received: 04/19/2010
FP Notice received: 05/03/2010
FP Appointment: 05/18/2010
TXT (transferred to local office): 06/01/2010
Interview : 07/07/2010
Oath Ceremony: 09/29/2010
Received U.S. Passport 10/07/2010