Waiting for Asylum Decision

United States

I'd like to share my PAINFUL experience with you guys. AND you guys have to know that I'm still painful now.

Let's get started with the TIME SCHEDULE:

10/27/2014 Arrived in the United States with B2 visa
11/00/2014 i-589 sent, which I can't remember which day exactly
11/08/2014 Receipt Arrived
11/00/2014 Fingerprints & Interview Notice, which I can't remember which day exactly
12/19/2014 Interview

04/07/2015 Called the Asylum office and confirmed that my clock was stopped and suggested me to wait for "a couple of weeks" since I can't apply for the EAD due to the uncompleted 150 days clock. Also I was told by my translator that I was granted.
04/23/2015 I, myself, called back to the office and learnt that my case all goes well and suggested me to wait for two weeks, if not, call back again, which would be by 05/07/2015

It's 05/01/2015 today, I am still waiting for the decision. I bet a real decision notice is far better than just saying.

I am currently living pretty poor to survive since I am not allowed to work without the working permission.

Anyone one out there can give me some suggestions on what or how to do next?

I heard and read that asylum applicants are allowed to visit the Asylum Office. But I'd like to ask:
Do I need to make an appointment? How?

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