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I have worked for my US based employer (Company 'A') since 2004 on H1 after completing MS, and have applied for GC with them in 2008 in EB2. In 2011 I have relocated back to India while GC application was pending and changed my processing to 'Consular Processing'. While I was in India, I have my GC approved in November 2013 thru Consular Processing.

I have moved back to US in March 2013, and immediately started my own S-Corp and started working for my own company since then. so, in essence, I have really not worked for the employer who sponsored my GC and never received a paycheck from them.

As I understand, during the citizenship interview, USCIS might say that I have not worked for my employer after getting my GC and reject my petition. I would like to understand your experience and suggestions regarding this. 

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