Successful interview - Los Angeles DO

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United States

We just had a very nice and quick interview at the Los Angeles DO!

Now, my case is pretty complicated and i was anticipating a very difficult interview. I have overstayed my B2 visa for a few years. On top of that, in my B2 visa application, I declared myself as married even if i had been separated from my husband for many years. A couple of years ago, i found out that the marriage was not even valid.

After I married my USC husband, we consulted a lawyer who said i should have filed for a divorce anyways to keep my case simple. Well, a little too late for that!

We decided to go through this process without a lawyer. Everyday, we visit this forum to get invaluable information and advices. It has been a tremendous help for us!

We arrived half an hour early for the interview but could not find a parking space. We ended up parking our car 5 blocks away and were running all the way to the building! We were breathless and sweating and had only 2 minutes to spare. (LA interviewees - you've been warned )

We turned in our interview notice and waited for around 15 minutes until my name was called. The officer was very friendly. He said he will not bring us inside the office and he will conduct the interview right at the counter (I took this as a good sign )

He only asked us to confirm the information we have provided in the applications. So most of the words that came out of our mouths were "yes, that's correct". The only question we elaborated on was on how we met. He didn't even seem to pay much attention to our answer, more like small talk. Lastly, he picked 3 questions from the forms - have you been arrested...etc. He said he can look at the 2-inch file that we brought since we obviously spent a lot of effort to put it together. He browsed through the whole thing very quickly, commenting on pictures taken in places familiar to him and those that looked interesting. Everything took probably 10 minutes!

Then he said we can take a seat while he prepares a letter and he will have to bring our passports with him. He came out with this letter, took my I-94 and said I will be receiving the green card within 90 days but most likely in a week or two. I offered to turn in my EAD but he said I can keep it in case the card gets delayed in the mail. I asked to have my passport stamped but he said he doesn't have access to the stamp anymore but i can schedule an infopass to get it. (I'll wait for the card, no more walking 5 blocks through LA for me!)

I still can't believe it was that easy! I've been stressing over this interview for weeks, it's so wonderfully anticlimactic!