Successful J-1 waiver

United States

I consulted some lawyers on how to waive my 2 years residency, I wasn't able to finish my program or even meet the 2/3 rule. Me and my husband are so hopeless and don't know what to do, only thing that we know is through Hardship Waiver. And then God sent an angel. We consulted to this lawyer and told us that establishing hardship is difficult especially we don't have kids.He tried to convince us to try NOS and I will be the one to do the process. So we did,eventhough we have only 10 % chance that they will approve the NOS, just to save money. In case NOS will not work. I am in a skilled list but not funded by the government .So here it goes...
NOS application update & Timeline 
April 9, 2019: Sent packet to USCIS 
April-May 2019: Gather all the documents, have them notarized and authenticated for CFO Requirements ( It's a lot of work especially if you have documents from different states and time consuming) 
June-July 2019: I sent all documents to Philippines via USPS( It takes 6 weeks before they received the package, so not advisable to use USPS ,cos it will slow the process even though it is cheaper) 
July 4, 2019: CFO Received the packet
July 11, 2019: Received NOS approval via email( I was crying all day, while I'm reading the email, atlas! I really can't believe it, no days and night I prayed for it) 
July 17, 2019: Received Printed copy of NOS approval together with my original documents via mail box
July 20, 2019: Received a call from Philippine Embassy Washington , just to confirm information and they forwarded the approved NOS to DOS
July 25, 2019:DOS Received NOS
August 5,2019: DOS sent Favorable Recommendation to USCIS .............and we are still waiting and praying that everything will be fine and to be approved 
- Thank you for this Group Forum, it really help us a lot on how to do the process and I made this as my preference.

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