Tampa AOS interviews

United States

Alright,  first off thank you to everyone that helped me out with what to bring!
We showed up with about 30 pounds of paperwork, photos, tax returns, wedding albums, cards.

Our appointment was at 1 pm, we arrived around 12:15. We got in the lineup, and waited. and waited and waited. (got a little warm considering it is still in the high 80s, 90s) At about 12:55 they let us in along with a swarm of other people coming in for the same thing (and some naturalization cases) We signed in, and waited right up at the door to be called.

A few things we noticed in the waiting room: Listen carefully. A few people didn't hear their names be called, and that just makes the officers mad. They don't know you, so they might not know how to pronounce your name. Pay attention. Also, we noticed this man sitting by himself in the waiting room. After about 20 minutes, he walked up to the door, and used his scancard to let himself in. We later saw him in an office. (He was people watching, and we arn't sure why, but that is definatly what he was up to)

At about 1:20 we got called in.
The officer was quite polite, and made fun of my husband and his cowboy hat. He took us to the office, and swore us in.
He then went over all my papers, asked me the usual questions (Have I ever been arrested, have I been deported, have I had problems with the police.. no no no and no) He then asked for my medical exam, our letter from my husbands employer, a copy of our taxes from 04, and some bills in both of our names. I gave him all of the above.
He asked us a few questions, Where we got married (I think meaning what country) how long we had been married, how we met.. and I think that was pretty much it.
He then started talking about what we were going to do next, because my card is only a conditional residency. (I guess that meant we were already approved!) We laughed, and asked him if he was even going to look at our pictures. He looked at them, (mainly wedding photos) and laughed at us.

He was very nice, and he really didn't try to trap us with any tricky questions. He then filled out this little paper thing for me, and put my picture on it. He told me it was a temporary greencard, and I would get mine in the mail in 1 - 2 months.
He took my EAD, and then a fingerprint for my card he gave me. That was about it!
He shook out hands as we left, and I have to say, that was a LOT easier than I was expecting.

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