Unlawful Presence

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If a Canadian does not have a Form I-94, does he not accrue unlawful presence until there is a finding that he violated the terms of his nonimmigrant alien status? Is the burden is on CBP to establish such a violation occurred?

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) indicates that the mere fact that there is no I-94 does not determine whether or not an individual overstays. Moreover, an individual who is admitted as a B, but does not receive an I-94 either on the southern or northern border is in a legally materially different status than an individual who is admitted as duration of status.

H-1 for Canadian PR with J-1 issue

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I am presently in Canada on Canadian PR (and have an indian passport). An employer in Indiana (from a hospitality background) is interested in hiring me.
1. They have no clue abt H1B visa. How do I proceed?
2. I was on J1 from 2000 to 2001. I do not have a waiver. Will this affect my application?

If you have neither complied with the J-1 home residency requirement, nor obtained a waiver, you cannot get an H-1. Make sure you are indeed subject to the 2-year HRR. You may not be - then an H-1 is a possibility. Go here to ask DOS for an advisory opinion: