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J1 overstayed by years, married to a greencard holder

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I came to US in 2004, overstayed my J1 visa by 3 years and got married to a greencard holder in 2007. My I-130 was approved in 2008 . Is it possible to adjust status when my visa number becomes available. I have read on different sites that I'm not eligible since I have not maintained lawful status during my stay. Are there any loops?

Unless your spouse becomes a US citizen, nothing can be done as far as I can see. If you had a 2 years HRR, you have bigger problems.

I130 and application for adjustment

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I filed I 130 for my unamrried son but before it was processed i became citizen so I filed fresh which may take mor than 5 years Is there any possibility for my son to come here and file adjustment visa? Can he stay and work after adjustment visa?

No one can file for adjustment unless their priority date is current. You should be able to upgrade the earlier filed I-130 to reflect your current citizenship. That way, he keeps his priority date. Contact USCIS customer service.

TN Holder laid off

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My husband was recently laid off after submitting an I-130. He is a Canadian citizen on a TN visa. He is still living in the US, all though his TN requires him to go back to Canada if he is not employed. The I-130 was approved, and now USCIS would like the I-485 change of status. This requires him to state his employment. Since he is not employed should we notify USCIS that he is moving back to Canada? Or should he apply for an EAD along with the I-485? What is the best approach?

Do not be alarmed. If you are a US citizen, there should be no issues.

I-130 has 3 years not yet approved

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I submitted a I-130 for my wife (I am a greencard holder), and got my receipt of notice in October 30, 2006. No more information has been sent to me or her. Is that normal? No yet approved, what do I need to do? Just wait? Thank you so much.

This is not normal. Contact USCIS customer service. If that does not work, contact your congressman. See this page: