Radio Show Discussing EB-1, 1 May 2013

Substantial transcription for video

Question 1:


The husband has a company. Wife and husband are both U.S. citizens, and they want to get her brother over to the United States on some kind of a work related visa. Assuming the husband’s company is small and the brother is professionally qualified can they get him through the husband’s company.


Answer will depend on qualifications of the brother, and what sort of a company that her spouse has. For example: Is the company large or small? How many employees? How long has the company been in business? What kind of work do they do? Does the company have any branches outside of the U.S.?


Answer:  If the company's business and the brother’s qualifications are both professionally oriented we could seriously think about an H-1 Visa. If there is a branch outside the U.S., then we could get the brother employed outside the U.S. and think about an L-1 Visa in a year. Also under the new laws, as they are being considered, we should be able to have more options than what I have just discussed. So I am right now I am examining the matter only under the current scheme of laws, and H-1 and L-1 are two obvious options. Of course I am assuming that everybody here is an India born citizen of India because if you are citizen of another country you might have other options like E visa, etc. So bearing this in mind, there are some assumptions I am making and I am also clarifying that I am looking at the current schemes of the laws. Future schemes of the laws might be different and might be much more beneficial for us.




Question 2:


What is the chance of an L-1A Visa holder with nine years of experience qualifying for EB1 category. Can I apply for a Green Card for myself in the EB1 category?


There are three kinds of EB-1's. Let’s start with the EB1 category that is the easiest to understand.


1. Outstanding researchers or professors - given the designation of EB-1-2 or EB-1B.


Under EB-1, the second category is outstanding researchers or professors.  Basically we are looking for people who are highly qualified in their own field and there are certain criteria. Look at our website for more information.…




So one category is for outstanding researchers or professors, for which you need a research or professorial position.


Then there is another category EB-1C or EB-1-3 category for international executives and/or managers. People who are on L-1A can pretty much qualify for EB-1C category. This is another great category.


Then there is the first category, extraordinary ability aliens. This is not for everyone. Here we are looking for sustained national or international recognition.  Somebody who is hailed as a leader in their business For example,  Bill Gates would qualify, but Rajiv S. Khanna would almost certainly not qualify. So we are looking for people who are nationally and internationally recognized.


So the question asked was can I do it on my own out of these three categories. The only one in which you can apply on your own is the first category EB-1A, which is extraordinary ability aliens. You are nationally or internationally recognized, and you have articles written about you and have international awards. Again there is a list of criteria and you have to meet three out of the ten listed criteria or similar. All this information is on our website as well.…-




In your situation the best option is to apply for EB-1C if you can get your employer to apply for you since you are already on L-1A getting a EBC green card is absolutely perfect choice and you got your Green Card within a year. EB1 is the fastest way of getting our Green Card.

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