Recording for April 20, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

FAQs: Impact of job changes on pending I-140 and/or PERM applications for H-1B holder || Recommendation letters for EB-1A applications ||What happens if you stay outside the U.S. for more than 8 months as a permanent resident

Other Topics : Emergency visa request denied: Next steps for F-1 student's mother to visit hospitalized father in the U.S. || Out of status on OPT: What are my options? || Forms and eligibility requirements for E-15 immigration status for children of EB1-C visa holders || Visitor visa overstay: What to do if my parents are Canadian citizens and want to visit the U.S. again? || H-1B lottery and job change for a Masters graduate in the U.S. || Pursuing a second Master's degree with day 1 CPT on F-1 visa - What to consider? || TN visa extension and Form I-129 submission without employer's disclosure of financial information || Relocating during the PWD process on the PERM application || F-1 OPT and H-1B visa processes for International students

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