27 May 2021: Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

Discussion Topics, Thursday, May 27, 2021

FAQ: Not reporting change of address to the USCIS - Naturalization || Chances of getting an F-1 Visa when B-1 Visa was rejected earlier 214(b) denial

Other: Changing a spelling mistake in parents' name on birth certificate during the pandemic || India travel ban exemption for H-1B holder with U.S. citizen child || Travel alternative from Abu Dhabi as reentry permit expires soon || Options where EB-2 priority dates getting current and no action on Supplement J || H-1B extension Nunc Pro Tunc || Spouse of H-1B visa holder visiting USA on B-2 visa || Cross Chargeability, EB-2 green card processing time, DV-2023 and Continuous residence and Naturalization || H-1B worker moving from USA to Canada, OPT reporting and US visa regulations during the process of transfer || Visitors visa for parents while Green card pending and delayed || H-1B validity period and extension (remainder option) || Two I-140 approvals - company one charged with visa fraud/consular processing || And on-the-spot questions.


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