Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday), Dec 14, 2017

FAQ: Does bad credit or private loans/litigation affect immigration? ||Changing jobs after I 140 approval, returning to the old job, procedures for starting new green card etc. ||Effect of salary variations during L-1A visa ||Implications of alcohol-related convictions, such as DUI, on immigration or H-1B ||Staying in the United States based upon the medical need of a child, B-2 or humanitarian parole.

Other: H-1B amendments for relocation, visa stamping ||Filing in EB-1C green card for international manager or executive ||Applying for H-1B from a third country||Proceedings after employee files WHD complaint ||Changing H-1B jobs while an extension is pending ||H-1B visa stamping problems||Applying for H-1B extension without a copy of the I 140 approval notice ||H-1B amendments for relocation ||Does change of location requiring L-1A amendment? ||Cross-chargeability, etc.