Client Testimonial - Dr. JoAnne Woodard, Director, Sallie B. Howard School

Substantial transcription for video Client Testimonial - Dr. JoAnne Woodard , Director of Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts & Education

Good morning, my name is JoAnne Woodard; I am the Founder and Executive Director of the Sallie B. House School for the Arts and Education in Wilson North Carolina for the past seventeen years. I am happy to give a reference and recommendation for the “Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna”.

We have been working with him for the past three years and the work that he has done for us has been Excellent. In the past, we have had a large number of immigrant teachers here at Sallie B. Howard, the entire time we have been in operation, large numbers. And we have used various attorney's over the years some good, some not so good, some very knowledgeable, some not so very knowledgeable and that resulted in complications and problems time to time, though we were able to get through those.

One of our staff members brought Rajiv's business to our attention. He actually had done some research and found a great record, well regarded, highly regarded in the industry and consultant some times for the government. It was really a Great Resume for the office. Even though he was in Washington D.C. and we are in North Carolina we took the trip up there to meet with him and to discuss what the service would be for us.

What we typically do are H-1B visas and green card petitions. And so we started out with him and found his services to be well beyond our expectations. More than that, for me I found him to be just stunningly brilliant, when it comes to the immigration laws and processes. We have had over the time some pretty difficult cases that the teacher had given upon on and we all said “wow “this is the shot in the dark to see if we can clean this part up or clear this up and get the right result. But Rajiv's folks were very confident and they always tell you exactly what you can expect. They don't promise something they can’t deliver and they were able to help us in every single case for past three years.

So, I highly recommend his company, they are people of integrity and they tell you exactly what to expect and we were pleased with their service.

There are several characteristics of the service that we get from this company that I want to point out. One is that timeliness and the responsiveness to our applications and to the conversations if we have to consult, then they get right back to us but more than that their meticulousness in which they do their work.

 Everything is checked and double checked and nothing is submitted with errors and mistakes as we have experienced that many times in the past with other attorney's. I don't know if they are not as careful as they need to be sometimes or what happens but in the case of Rajiv's team they check and double check, they are careful. I don't think we ever had any application which returned or denied because of some error, even a telephone number, everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be and that means everything in this particular business when you are working with Federal government.

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