Recording for February 02, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics, Thursday, February 02, 2023:

FAQ: Criteria for national interest waiver || NIW for physical therapists || Multiple companies applying for H-1B Cap registration - H-1B lottery || Can H-4 visa (no EAD) holders take an unpaid internship? || Can H-4 EAD start a Business in any State? Can a relative's company file H-1B? || H-4 visa dependent children change of status to F-1 before 21 || Filing H-4 and H-1 simultaneously || Status of F-1 once H-4 is approved || Most efficient way to get EAD F-1 or H-4?

Other: U.S. citizen child age, 21 applying for parents' green card || Role eliminated by the previous employer after approval of green card but new employer filed Supplement J. Will this be an issue for moral character grounds while applying for N-400? || Benefits of working on F-1 OPT status and change of status || What happens if the Indian passport expires before filing U.S. Citizenship? || Determining same or similar occupation after getting AOS EAD or green card: Software engineer to Product manager || Cross-Chargeability rules for employment-based green card || Checking H-1B visa status expiration || Laid off on H-1B (Defining out-of-status and unlawful presence)

Citizenship and Naturalization

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