USCIS Clarifies Guidance About How to Adopt a Child under the Hague Adoption Convention

Release Date 

Effective June 14, 2024, USCIS has updated the USCIS Policy Manual, Volume 5, Part D, to clarify how prospective adoptive parents can adopt a child under the Hague Adoption Convention.

This update (PDF, 324.66 KB) consolidates and clarifies existing guidance to provide clear requirements for the Hague process. The update:

  • Explains how a foreign-born child may be eligible to be adopted through the Hague process;
  • Describes the required order of immigration and adoption steps, including that a prospective adoptive parent should not adopt or obtain legal custody of a child for purposes of emigration and adoption before they complete certain steps in the Hague process; and
  • Clarifies requirements for adoption service providers, including the use of a primary provider and requirements following a loss of accreditation.

This policy manual update affirms USCIS's commitment to the standards and principles of the Hague Adoption Convention, including safeguards to protect the best interests of children. For more information, see the Hague Process webpage.


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