SCOPS Updates - 09/23/09

Filing I-824 together with the I-485 - The right thing to do when filing the I-824 is to file both the I-824 together with the I-485 or wait till the I-485 is approved. USCIS identifies the reasons as to why an I-824 is interfiled. However an I-824 should not be rejected or denied only because it is interfiled and the I-485 is not yet approved.
Note: If an I-824 is interfiled, it may not be approved at the same time as the I-485 and the I-485 processing times will apply. There is a possibility of a delay due to the routing of the interfiled I-824 to the pending I-485. 

I-140 appeal pending at the AAO  - An I-140 appeal pending at the AAO  allows an alien to request an H-1B extension beyond the 6-year limit. USCIS will not consider its decision final for this purpose as it is subject to regulatory modification and as long as a decision may be reversed on direct appeal or certification to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). 

USCIS filing chart information - The filing chart information has to be corrected on the website as expected by USCIS.  Petitions by cap exempt employers should be filed at the CSC. This procedure is mandatory which is confirmed by the instructions to form I-129 on the USCIS website. 

Advance Parole and validity date - The validity of advance parole starts from date of approval to one year. USCIS does quality control review to catch parole documents which are not approved in this manner.


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