Ombudsman’s Office Now Requires Form DHS 7001 for Employment Authorization Cases

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The Ombudsman's Office requests that customers submit Form DHS 7001 for all cases, including those related to applications for Employment Authorization Documents (EAD). Form DHS 7001 is required by the Ombudsman’s Office for compliance with applicable privacy rules.

In the past, the Ombudsman's Office allowed customers to submit case inquiries regarding EAD applications that were outside normal processing times without completing Form DHS 7001, recognizing the urgency of many of these matters. In October 2011, the Ombudsman's Office implemented Ombudsman Online Case Assistance, an efficient online system that provides for same-day submission of case problems.

Form DHS 7001 

If you have already submitted an EAD case inquiry, you do not need to submit Form DHS 7001. For all future inquiries, please complete Form DHS 7001 or submit your inquiry online.

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