USCIS Releases Employee Tentative Nonconfirmation Email Notification (TNC)

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A Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) is issued if there is a record mismatch that needs to be resolved before the employee can be confirmed as work authorized.  On July 1, 2013, E-Verify announced a new customer service enhancement that will allow email notification to employees of a TNC at the same time it notifies the employer.

This latest enhancement to E-Verify is made possible by the new Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9.  Employees will notice a new optional data field in Section 1 of the revised Form I-9 asking for the employee’s email address; this update allows employees to voluntarily provide their email address.  When the employee provides an email address on Form I-9, employers must enter it into E-Verify.  The new email notification process does not replace the current TNC process.  Employers are still required to notify employees of TNCs and their right to contest.

A TNC means that the information entered in E-Verify from the Form I-9 did not match government records.  A TNC case result does not mean that the employee is not authorized to work in the United States.

There are three possible emails an employee may receive from E-Verify.  Please read below for a description and a sample of each:

  1. If a TNC is received, employees who have provided an email address on Form I-9 will be automatically notified by E-Verify.


  1. An additional email will be sent when an employee:


  1. This email is unrelated to a TNC. When E-Verify confirms employment eligibility for a naturalized citizen of the United States according to DHS records, but also finds that records with SSA have not been updated since the employee naturalized, the email will advise the employee to visit a SSA field office to update the record:
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