Chicago Field Office updates – 07/01/10

Completing a naturalization application where the applicant is unable to recollect all the times  

In situations where the applicant travels frequently on business or when an applicant is a long-time permanent resident who traveled frequently since first obtaining permanent residence the Chicago Field office accepts an affidavit attesting to approximate dates of travel.


Motion to Reopen 

In cases when a principal applicant's I-485 is denied, and as a result, the I-485 applications of derivative family members are also denied it is sufficient to file the Motion to Reopen on only the principal applicant's case and ask for the derivative cases to be reopened as well only if the derivative case is denied solely because the principal was denied. Only one filing fee will be sufficient for the entire family for the previously mentioned cases. A separate fee for the derivative and principal is required if the derivative is denied on a different basis and not related to the denial of the principal.


Proof for admission under Visa Waiver Program 

A proof that a person was inspected and admitted under the Visa Waiver Program to the Chicago Field office would be the passport itself as it will have the CBP officials or inspectors stamp with the admission code and the stay expiration date.

For timely departure from the United States for a traveler entering on the Visa Waiver Program an admission stamp in a passport from the individual’s home country may be enough. Consideration will be given by USCIS to any evidence submitted and CBP will have other guidance and information.


Lock Box system

Problems with the Lock box with delayed receipt issuance filing application as been acknowledged by the Chicago Field Office. Out of which the main problem being the delay in receipt issuance for people in need of emergency advance parole for humanitarian reasons. Applicants are asked to make InfoPass appointments regardless of whether a timely I-131 receipt has been issued when it comes to emergency advance parole requests. However the applicants cannot be assured a expedited advance parole issuance without receipt under all circumstances. In this case the information officers will check the matter with existing evidence presented regarding filing of applications.


Physical presence and N-400 applications 

Applicants for naturalization can satisfy the physical presence requirement by counting days physically present in the U.S. up to the time of filing. However if the applicant travels outside of the U.S. after filing the N-400 such an absence can still affect eligibility vis a vis continuity of residence and domicile.


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