Rajiv's Article - View: Trump’s Immigration - Destruction, not disruption - The Economic Times

Published by : The Economic Times - Date: October 14, 2020  

By Rajiv Khanna

US immigration is presently going through policy changes that have proven to be more deleterious for business and individuals than any wrought by a government in the past three decades. Trump won the US presidency largely by fanning the notions that the USA needed to be put rst (“Make America Great Again!) and partly by vilifying immigrants (“Build the Wall!”). Unfortunately, the cacophony of the chants has drowned conscientious deliberation that should be the foundation of all policy formulation. What started as a momentum to keep out illegal immigration, became a series of blows against legal immigration. We observed with concern ill-considered changes in policy towards all legal immigration, a case in point of which is investment-based immigration (EB-5 visas). Trump nearly doubled the required investment amounts. Proponents correctly argue that the EB-5 program has garnered more than $20 billion in investments and has created more than 730,000 jobs between 2008 and 2015. How can any government oppose such a benicient tool? 

For more details please see the attachment below.

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