Rajiv's News Clips - Seven US tech firms were among the top ten recipients of fresh H-1B visas in 2019

Published by : ETtech From the Economic Times - Article by: Ayan Pramanik & Priyanka Sangani - Date: November 05, 2019  

Quotes and Excerpts from Rajiv on the article:

“We noticed that in the award of the visas, companies that are placing candidates at third party sites are automatically held to suspicion. The net effect of this discrimination against companies providing consulting services is that Indian companies are disproportionately affected,” said Rajiv S Khanna, managing attorney at law firm Immigration.com.

According to Khanna of Immigration.com, there has been a rise in rejections on various grounds that are often impossible to overcome in the real world. For instance, it isn’t always possible to prove the existence of a project for a duration of three years-- the standard duration for which an H-1B visa issued- as these have their own life cycles, he said.

“There is a rise in denials across the board, but much more in the tech industry. This rise is too dramatic and coordinated to be accidental,” he said, “It appears quite obvious and there are indications coming from the government through their disclosure data that show there is a concerted effort by the government to try to decline as many visas as they possibly can, thereby creating a glass wall against legal immigration,” said Khanna. 

For more on this news please see the attachment.

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