USCIS Introduces Form I-910 and Centralizes the Civil Surgeon Application Process

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USCIS has implemented a new process to receive and adjudicate applications for civil surgeon designation centrally at the National Benefits Center. This process change requires physicians seeking civil surgeon designation to file a formal application at a USCIS Lockbox. Centralizing the civil surgeon application process will:

  • Improve the application intake process; 
  • Enhance USCIS’s ability to manage and track civil surgeon applications; 
  • Promote consistency and uniformity in USCIS decisions on civil surgeon-related matters; and 
  • Improve overall efficiency and integrity of the program.

Physicians seeking civil surgeon designation need to complete Form I-910, Application for Civil Surgeon Designation, and pay a $615 application fee. This new application form and process implements provisions of the agency’s 2010 Fee Rule. It does not affect current civil surgeons.

Previously, civil surgeon designation has been a local process at the district or field office with jurisdiction over the prospective civil surgeon’s office location.  The new process is detailed in Volume 8, Part C of the USCIS Policy Manual, which replaces the civil surgeon designation guidance found in Chapter 83.4 of the Adjudicator’s Field Manual (AFM).  The new policy on civil surgeons:

  • Reaffirms and clarifies the purpose, role, and responsibilities of civil surgeons; 
  • Outlines the professional qualifications needed for civil surgeon designation; 
  • Explains the application requirements for civil surgeon designation; 
  • Clarifies the process for adjudicating civil surgeon applications; 
  • Provides consolidated guidance on blanket civil surgeon designation; 
  • Reaffirms USCIS’s ability to revoke civil surgeon designation and clarifies revocation grounds; and 
  • Provides guidance on maintenance of the civil surgeon list.

For more information on civil surgeons, visit the Civil Surgeons Web page. For more information on Form I-910,

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