What should you do? Practical tips for travel

Note: This content is expected to be continually updated, as needed.

List of countries

  • The seven countries currently on the list are: Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen
  • This list of countries can be updated and revised.  More countries could be added to this list.

Travelers from the listed countries

  • Travelers from the listed countries will not be allowed into the USA until the times stated in the Executive Order.
  • This ban includes green card holders, nonimmigrant visa holders, immigrant visa holders, refugees, etc. For green card holders, you may be allowed entry on a case-by-case basis.
  • Even if you are a dual citizen, if one of your countries of citizenship is currently on the list, you will be treated as being from a listed country.
  • If you are in the USA, postpone travel (if your legal status is not violated by failing to travel).


  • Travel to the USA for refugees (even if in transit) from the 7 listed countries is currently banned (until courts clarify their orders).
  • Refugees who are NOT from the listed countries will be allowed entry into the U.S.

General Travel If Not on the Banned List

  • If you are from a country other than those on the list, general travel into or out of the USA on a nonimmigrant visa or a green card should be safe.
  • If you need to obtain a visa stamp (for instance H-1B), we are hearing reports of 221(g), administrative processing being issued in numbers more than usual.

For all travelers

  • Restrictions do not apply to you if you merely traveled to a listed country.

For Green Card Holders from All Countries

  • Do not sign any papers at the airport surrendering your green card, even if you have been away from the USA for a period longer than 6 months.The surrendering is by signing form I-407. Do NOT sign the Form I-407.
  • The law states that your green card can be taken away ONLY by an immigration court and the government (not you) has to prove that you are not entitled to your green by clear, unequivocal, and convincing evidence, which is a high burden of proof.
  • Truthfully provide answers to questions about travel. 
  • But if government starts browbeating you or threatening deportation, etc., ask for an immigration court hearing. If you refuse to sign the Form I-407, the law requires the government to permit you entry into the USA (without detention).
  • You will be asked to appear before an immigration court to present your case over the next few months.


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