Approval of denied N-400 (Naturalization)

We represented an applicant after his application for naturalization was denied.  He had obtained permanent resident status through marriage with a U.S. citizen. Applicant’s Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, was denied because of a failure to meet the good moral character requirement.  USCIS questioned the veracity of applicant’s marriage, and therefore the basis of his Green Card approval. Strangely enough, this issue was raised at the naturalization stage.  We procured various items of evidence attesting to the genuineness of applicant’s marriage, and established that although applicant’s job required frequent travel and relocation, his marriage was entered into in good faith.  We emphasized that USCIS must take into view the unique circumstances of the applicant’s life.  Applicant was granted a hearing before an officer, and received his N-400 approval within eight weeks.

N-400 denial reversed. Naturalization approved.

Citizenship and Naturalization

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