Form N-400 Denial

Our client received a decision denying his request for naturalization based on allegations that he failed to continuously maintain lawful immigration status since initial entry. Specifically, Service found that the applicant worked at unauthorized locations during his employment with a Petitioner whose owner/CEO pled guilty to visa fraud. We filed an “appeal,” Request for Hearing on Naturalization, arguing that employees of the aforementioned company had no knowledge of the visa fraud scheme and were without fault. In addition, we pointed out that USCIS regulations permit approval of the adjustment of status, if the applicant has been out of status, or worked without authorization, if the aggregate period of such violations does not exceed 180 days, and that equitable considerations dictate approval of the hearing request. The N336 request was granted after approximately one and a half months. Subsequently, we attended the hearing with our client and clarified the applicant’s eligibility. The client’s citizenship application was approved in about three months.

Form N-336 granted; N-400 approved

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