L-1A Approval for a Small Startup Business

We have received approval of both an L-1A petition and L-1A visa stamping for a managerial employee of a small business from India.  The business in India consists of five employees and is completely different from the business they are starting in the USA.  Normally, small businesses present much difficulty for L-1A approvals – the key issue being why does a small business need an employee at the level of an executive or manager.  Nevertheless, we were able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of both USCIS and the Consulate that this is a genuine business venture.

Intrested business people may want to view the information on this page: http://www.immigration.com/visa/l-visa/l-visa-overview

And these Videos on our YouTube channel: Doing Business in The USA

L-1A Petition and Visa Approved

Nonimmigrant Visas

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