L-1A Medium Sized Multinational Co.

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We filed an L-1A for a managerial level employee (intracompany transferee) The U.S. company was seeking to employ the beneficiary as Manager - Business Finance. Subsequent to filing the petition we received a Request for Evidence (RFE). We responded and the petition was then approved. One of the challenges in this case included establishing that the foreign entity and the U.S. had a “qualifying relationship” as there was a complex multinational organizational structure that included several subsidiary relationships. Other challenges were proving that the positions in both countries were high senior level functional managerial positions, not routine operational activities, and that they were managed, not performed, by the beneficiary. The positions also had team management responsibilities, requiring the sometimes difficult delineation as to whether each specific job duty fell under personnel (team management) or functional management. The Response to the RFE included further information about ownership and control of the companies and a significant amount of additional detail about the beneficiary’s managerial positions and those of his subordinates and their relationships within the hierarchy of the companies.

L-1A Approved
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