EB-1 Outstanding Researcher

The applicant had a Ph.D. (Physics), Master of Science (Physics), Bachelor of Education, and Bachelor of Science and more than fourteen years’ research experience working for several world-renowned institutions.  Her discipline was Biometeorology – Atmospheric Scientist.  We were able to provide substantial documentary evidence of the applicant’s original contributions that began as early has her Ph.D. years.  The applicant had published some very significant articles that reflected years of data collection and analysis.  Thus, her publications were cited heavily in top scientific journals with high impact factors.  The applicant had also been invited to participate on editorial review boards due to her noteworthy research, unique expertise, and related international reputation.  In addition, she participated as a reviewer for a significant number of high impact international journals, the selection criteria of which required the scientist to have an outstanding reputation in the field as determined by publication history and significance, citation volume within the specialty, and overall impact of the research.  Reference letters from leading experts clearly defined this applicant as one of the very top scientists in this unique specialty of biometeorology.  We filed an EB-1 petition premium processing and received an approval within a week.

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