EB-1 Outstanding Researcher-Professor

Our client received an approved I-140 for EB-2, but, with the priority dates at a standstill, opted to file under EB-1 as well.  She had three Ph.D.’s in Marketing and Management.  We provided documentary evidence to show her unique specialty in the social sciences.  This applicant had some significant publications but not as many of some other scientists.  However, we were able to prove that, with social scientists, the data collection process takes substantially more time and, therefore, the volume of publications would not be the same as a hard scientist.  We were able to show that several of the publications were quite noteworthy and published in prestigious journals with a high impact factor.  We also provided evidence to show the applicant’s qualifications as a judge of her peers.  Given her international reputation and highly regarded research work, the applicant was asked to review manuscripts for a significant number of noteworthy publications and a multitude of international conferences.  In addition, we provided evidence of the applicant’s membership on an editorial board, a position of significant importance.  We also provided documentation to show the numerous occasions that the applicant was asked to be on expert panels based on her highly respected and extensive expertise.  Finally, we were able to show the impact of her original contributions and the ongoing research that continues to be cited by other world-renowned researchers in her field.  This case was filed premium processing and approved within just two days.

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